Hey guys and welcome to my website. I have put a lot of thought into making this and I have spent the vast majority of my life gathering information, So I hope you are enjoying yourselves. 

But how did this come to be? What kind of man spends his life travelling the world instead of focusing on a career and getting a mortgage? Well, let me explain. 

So Who Is Gary Mason Anyway?

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? I was born in the tranquil English village of Mistley in Essex. During my childhood, I harboured grand aspirations of becoming an archaeologist, a passion that ignited after being enthralled by the adventures of Indiana Jones on the silver screen.

In my youthful imagination, I believed that this career would lead me on thrilling journeys filled with travel and enigmatic discoveries. However, as I grew older and gained a deeper understanding of what archaeologists actually did for a living, I found it less captivating, but my yearning for travel and adventure persisted. 

For most of my childhood, I Found myself navigating the English social care system, constantly moving from one children’s home to the next. Despite the challenges I faced my Indiana Jones fantasies remained a steadfast companion throughout my growing up. They were my happy thoughts I could not shake. I craved real adventure and I knew one day I would get it.

Gary, Mason, Author,

Then, on one fateful day, my life took an unexpected turn as I was relocated to a place known as The Small School at Red House in Norfolk. 

In stark contrast to the typical state schools in the UK, this institution offered a highly unconventional approach to education.

A significant facet of my academic experience there involved travelling to developing nations, including incredible destinations like India. We actively participated in various charity projects, and I found these experiences to be nothing short of eye-opening. 

This period marked a distinct turning point in my life, and it occurred at an age when I was most impressionable.

 During these journeys, two profoundly significant lessons became evident:

  1. I discovered that numerous individuals across the globe endured lives far more challenging than mine, putting my own problems into a humbling perspective. 
  2. I came to realize that the world is an extraordinary and beautiful place, igniting within me a fervent desire to explore it further.

 Throughout my life, I’ve encountered the saying, “Many people choose to travel because they feel like they don’t belong where they are.” In my case, these words resonated deeply, and I knew I had to embark on my own travel adventures.

My First Time Travelling

I’ve established this website not to flaunt my holiday experiences but to share them, aiming to assist you in planning, executing, and thoroughly documenting your own global adventures!

For most people, travelling to unfamiliar destinations can be intimidating. My goal is to guide you in avoiding the same mistakes I made and help you plan your next expedition to achieve your desired outcomes.

During my early twenties, I mustered the courage to venture into solo travel. I began by booking flights to Borneo, Thailand, and New Zealand, armed with my passport and a sense of adventure.

Reflecting on those initial steps in my travel journey, I must admit that I made monumental blunders! The amount of money I squandered now appears comical, but back then, I simply lacked the knowledge. Nonetheless, I had an incredible time, and it marked the point at which I became truly captivated by travel.

In the early days of my backpacking adventures around the world, the landscape was vastly different. This was an era before Facebook, blogging, or even widespread internet access! Determining where to go was a formidable challenge, let alone sharing my experiences with friends and family. 

My communication methods consisted of sending postcards and letters, many of which arrived long after I had returned home.

Most of my adult life has been dedicated to either saving money for travel or actively journeying across the globe while meticulously documenting my adventures.

You could accurately describe me as an unabashed travel enthusiast! You might be wondering, “Why should I pay attention to this individual when there are countless options available?”

The reason is quite simple. As I honed my backpacking skills and explored the world, I took immense pleasure in introducing and guiding new, less-experienced travellers on my escapades. I shared my methods with them, helping them extract the utmost from their global journeys. 

In my perspective, there’s nothing more rewarding than teaching someone how to explore the world, given its sheer magnificence.

Travel can indeed be costly, and, in my view, most people seek ways to economize while maximizing their travel experiences. I’ve invested thousands of pounds in learning and growing through my travels, and now I’m eager to share a wealth of knowledge with you—my best tricks and tips to ensure you get the most value from your investments.

Backpacking is a skill that deserves instruction. If one doesn’t get it right, it can prove to be not only expensive but potentially hazardous as well!

Today, thanks to the wonders of the internet, we have the incredible ability to research and plan our journeys anywhere in the world. When I embarked on my travels, guidebooks were often the sole source of information available. Don’t get me wrong; the insights you can glean from guidebooks like Lonely Planet are invaluable, and I highly recommend using them.

It has always been my enduring ambition to establish this website and transform my true passion into a career. In my view, travel is likely to be one of the most enriching and unforgettable experiences of your life.

I’m here to provide guidance on how to effectively document your travels, allowing you to cherish and reflect on them in the years to come. You might even aspire to make a career out of your love for travel, much like I have, and I can offer insights into how to achieve that. 

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a complete novice, there’s something here for everyone. My aim is to equip you with practical tips and tricks that will transform your travel adventures into amazing life-long memories.